We help companies accelerate towards being Net Positive

We take your business on a journey to create breakthroughs that unlock value for your business and society.

We help move sustainability in from the sidelines into the heart of your strategy and business model as a source of value instead of an obligation. This is not a linear process. There are multiple services our advisory team offers to accelerate towards being Net Positive

Future-Fit Vision

Developing a future-fit vision with purpose and sustainability at the heart of your strategy.

How to address the unknown needs of tomorrow’s future with today’s mindset? It starts with purpose at the core of your strategy, to 1) guide in redefining your business’ playing field and 2) reshape the value propositions that lead to innovation. We help you reimagine your purpose through a systemic lens, by transforming your leadership agenda and disseminating sustainability throughout your organization.


We offer you a journey to fundamentally reimage possible futures: unconstrained by incremental thinking. We help you discover and address blind spots and constraining paradigms. The result is a higher ambition, new pockets of innovation and a leadership team united behind a multi-stakeholder, future-fit vision.

Purpose-Led Leaders and Culture

Mobilizing your leadership teams and developing a culture that taps into people’s passions.

Organizations are made of organisms. Human beings. Leaders increasingly understand that the world needs something different from them: a new type of courage to fundamentally change how we create value in the systems that sustain us. Companies cannot embrace new business models or innovate without supporting changes in organizational behaviours and norms. Purpose is the meaningful and lasting reason for an organization to exist, providing clarity on how you fill a need in the world. It motivates people and directs the strategy and priorities of the company.


We enable the holistic organizational shift in mindset and behaviours needed to alter the way business decisions are made. We will guide you through transformative journeys with your leadership teams. The result is a purpose-led, united and galvanized leadership team, and a culture that energizes the entire organization.


Impactful Coalitions

Building coalitions and transformative partnerships for a company to drive systemic change.

High-impact companies think about whole ecosystems, where connected interests and relationships among multiple stakeholders create opportunities for new business models. Driving transformations together with partners helps to solve problems more quickly and at scale. It enables systemic change that your company couldn’t have realized on its own.


We will help you speed and scale up this process, by connecting you to crucial partners in the ecosystem. To help navigate the Net Positive journey, we open up opportunities for collaboration with your industry peers, across the value chain, and for connections with a global ecosystem of decision makers and powerbrokers (including leading governments, international institutions and NGOs). By focusing on building trust and transparency, we help you form durable and impactful coalitions.

“Business cannot be a bystander in the society in which it operates.”

- Paul Polman

To begin to understand where you are on the journey, and as a Net Positive discussion starter for you and your top team, please see the Net Positive Readiness-Test. This will help surface the strengths of and opportunities for your company.


Learn more about Net Positive here.

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