IMAGINE works with CEOs and leadership teams to put purpose at the heart of their strategy and deliver superior performance as a result.

We help you bring sustainability in from the side lines, hardwiring purpose across your company.

Wind Mills

Our world faces a set of interwoven challenges, from dealing with COVID to rebuilding a new, more inclusive and more robust global economy, to halting nature loss and tackling the climate crisis. There is momentum for change, but it is too slow. If we are to meet our 2030 Global Goals, business must move with speed and at scale.


We support courageous leaders as they shift from incremental CSR and being “less bad” to putting their business in service of the world and driving higher performance and greater resilience as a result. Net Positive companies – which thrive by giving more than they take – have purpose at their core. This benefits all their stakeholders, including their employees, customers, suppliers, communities – and their investors. Plus the planet and future generations, too. 

“Business cannot be a bystander in the society in which it operates.”

- Paul Polman

Moving towards higher growth, impact, and meaning

For organisations to change, human beings need to change. Real purpose, embedded across a company, ultimately involves a different mindset, leading to different decisions about the way time and money are spent.

We unlock this mindset shift by helping C-suites see their business’ true place in the world, the bigger systems they are a part of, and the opportunities and responsibilities that flow from this new thinking.

We help you reimagine what is uniquely possible for your company, uniquely, in order to unleash innovation and ensure your business stays relevant in a changing world.

By partnering with IMAGINE, you transform your own operation and become part of a wider movement of pioneers on the same journey. It opens up opportunities for collaboration with your industry peers, across the value chain, and connection to a global ecosystem of decision makers and powerbrokers, including leading governments, international institutions and NGOs. 

Our job is to guide you on the path away from understanding purpose as “doing no harm” towards the goal of systems transformation.

Drawing on deep expertise in human transformation and neuroscience, and benefiting from the insights of our circle of alumni CEO’s, we guide our partner c-suites through transformative journeys which unlock their ability to think and act differently. The result is higher ambition and better business, underpinned by a united and galvanised leadership team.

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