IMAGINE works with CEOs and leadership teams to shift mindsets and redefine business models, putting purpose at the heart of superior performance. 

IMAGINE works with courageous CEOs and leadership teams to shift mindsets and redefine business models, putting purpose at the heart of superior performance.

The Covid-crisis has rewritten the scope and urgency of systems change, making it clear that we need to accelerate our trend away from current extractive models towards net positive models that ensure a sustainable future. We need to find ways to grow within our planetary boundaries and It is clear that we cannot rely on governments only to find solutions for this.

IMAGINE works with industry leaders who believe in business as a force for good and who aspire to both drive sustainable business results and net positive impact on the planet.

We help shift mindsets and reimagine business models, putting purpose at the heart of your strategy, for superior sustainable performance and impact.

IMAGINE is committed to helping companies create lasting change by leading deep personal and collective leadership transformations and by illuminating the systemic changes that are needed to influence the larger ecosystem.

We help C-suites see the bigger system they’re part of, increase the responsibility they take for holistic (societal) impact and expand the solution space for reimagined net positive business models

Partnering with IMAGINE, you are part of a wider movement and among pioneers who are on the same journey. It opens opportunities for collaboration and leadership at the industry level and access to the global ecosystem already built. Through immersive journeys and connectivity to the wider ecosystem, we help companies fulfill their part of the Global Goals while creating value for all stakeholders.

IMAGINE invests in your team’s ability to see and think differently. A shift in consciousness and a shift in strategy, enabling you to put sustainability at the core of your business model, to answer the world’s pressing problems and drive sustainable results.

We help leadership teams bring sustainability from the sidelines to the heart of their strategy, driving greater resilience and higher performance. We know that done right, sustainability reaps rewards for all company stakeholders. And we know you only put sustainability at a company’s core by embedding it in its culture.

Organizations are made of organisms. Human beings.

For organizations to change, human beings need to change. Changing mindsets, changes the way decisions are made about how to spend time and money. What IMAGINE does is unlock culture to drive strategy that is more distinctive, courageous, and discontinuous. To drive sustainable performance.

We guide our partner c-suites through transformative journeys which unlock their ability to think differently. The result is higher ambition, new levels of innovation, and a united and galvanised leadership team.

Through our business transformation journeys, we help unearth a new shared language: stories, artefacts, and rituals that ground globally dispersed C-suites in a collective purposeful vision. When the choices are tough, their courage and commitment are sustained by these shared experiences.

We help unlock the perceived impossible – at the individual, team, and collective.

This is the groundwork for the next 100 years.
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Maturity Model

Moving towards higher growth, impact, and meaning

IMAGINE has already been making waves in the new phase of systems transformers. Transforming incumbent companies through innovation and science including human science to transform the broader system.  

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