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It is time to act. The campaign to reset the responsibilities & purpose of companies starts today, with a call for the #BetterBusinessAct to amend S172 of the Companies Act. Hundreds of businesses already support - will yours?

Last week marked #EqualPayDay in the US, but closing the #genderpaygap should be a priority every day.

New analysis from @justcapital_ shows that only 21% of America's largest companies are disclosing that they’ve conducted a gender pay equity analysis.

We love seeing ambition for environmental innovation grow, but it’s also urgent to recognize how much better we could leverage existing tech for the planet.

Don’t miss part 1 of the tech & innovation series:

"In our view, maximizing long-term value does not require aggressive tax behavior."

More from @dominifunds, @NorgesBank Investment Management and @PensionDanmark on why companies with responsible approaches to #tax are sounder investments. ⬇️

Congrats, dear friend @susanmcp1. Your goodness makes waves of authentic change. This book cannot come at a more important time than now. As humans, we are all craving empathetic and authentic connections to help us feel part of common humanity. #book

Thank you @jonbonjovi for sharing our book and a preview of @ariannahuff's insight on how to strengthen mental resilience. "Transformational change rarely happens without a crisis."

In just 100 days' time, world leaders will come #TogetherForOurPlanet in Glasgow to tackle the urgent threat of global #ClimateChange 🌏

Listen to the message #COP26 People's Advocate Sir David Attenborough has for them 👇

💯 days to go!

📢 #COP26
🇬🇧 Glasgow⁣, UK
🗓️ 31 Oct - 12 Nov 2021⁣

Securing a brighter future requires action from us all. So as we work towards COP26 in the next 100 days, let’s seize this moment to come #TogetherForOurPlanet.

The countdown is on.


Have you heard of the say-do gap? @PaulPolman encourages you to call it out if you see a difference between what people and companies say and do! #OYW2021 PaulPolman photo

We love to see @PaulPolman highlighting that individual and collective action from #youngleaders can build a more sustainable world for all. #OYW2021 PaulPolman photo

No question that youth are changing the world . #OYW2021 in full swing with amazing leaders. Building a better world for all. PaulPolman photo

Thank you @IanKingSky for the chance to discuss how @OneYoungWorld leaders are mobilising like never before to tackle the burning issues of climate change and inequality PaulPolman photo

Bravo @richardbranson @virgingalactic - as said in the letter to mother, as lived by you as an inspiration for us all: 'The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.’ Valerie_Keller_ photo

Positive attitude gives one altitude indeed. Thanks @RichardBranson for modeling life beyond the boundaries of our imagination. We're all with you in spirit.
Paul Polman 😷 @PaulPolman
So excited to watch @RichardBranson and the @VirginGalactic mission crew fly to space on July 11th. Join the livestream at 6 am PT | 9 am ET | 2 pm BST as a new space age begins #Unity22

Thank you @rainarairestaurant for sharing the fun of shelling peas — connecting with velvety green roots in the American Midwest while growing roots in Europe. @ Amsterdam, Netherlands

@Valerie_Keller_ @JeremyGilley One tribe humanity! Auspiciously, my/our collective IMAGINE collided today on #PeaceOneDay’s call to action w/ @Valerie_Keller_ , @PaulPolman @IMAGINE_one_ on the same day as @yokoono’s T.V. TO SEE THE SKIES new 24 hr 🌳💚🌍 art streaming 60 global views. Join us! #SummerSolstice

Thank you @JeremyGilley and panelists aka fellow members of tribe humanity who care. Acting courageously & concretely to accelerate business as a force for good to reverse climate change and inequality. One planet, one people. You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one.
Valerie_Keller_ photo
Peace One Day @PeaceOneDay
The Climate Action Live Land Panel is currently Live! Tune in to the free broadcast at #NoClimateActionNoPeace

#ClimateAction #PeaceOneDay #sdg16plus #Liptonicetea