IMAGINE Leaders – Pedro Campos

Pedro Malta

MALTAGRI Consulting Ltd, CEO

Hi, I am Pedro. I am a brazilian, husband to Raquel, and dad of the twins, Alice and Joana. I have an agricultural engineering and agricultural economics background and I have been applying my experience in the link between agriculture and FMCG companies, connecting farmers and promoting socioeconomic development in a set of supply chains in different regions of Brazil.  
Along the last 25 years I had the opportunity to design and implement sustainability programs aimed to the agricultural sector, to generate value for the business, having implemented unprecedented agricultural certification programs on a national scale, taking the tobacco, coffee and cocoa chains to a new level of good agricultural practices, traceability and quality.
As an enthusiast about digital technologies, I led innovation projects, including geomonitoring of agricultural landscapes, satellite surveillance for illegal deforestation, intelligent systems for predicting agronomic variables (cycle, productivity, phytosanitary alerts), software to support agricultural operations for technical assistance, certification and farm auditing.
Supported by high standards of technical fundamentals and a strictly direction on ethics and transparency I have trained and guided engineers and agronomists in different roles, aiming the excelence in planing and in the execution of agricultural operations.  
MALTAGRI is a consulting services firm that adds value to enterprises that rely on agricultural raw materials and understands its responsibilities and opportunities while building a net positive relationship with all stakeholders. 
I'm interested in a future Oxford Experience