Team Profile – Eva Von Alvensleben​

Eva Von Alvensleben​

Executive Director and Secretary General of the Fashion Pact​

Eva is a corporate change maker who is driven by purpose and aims for strong results that prepare businesses for the future.​

With a passion to enable global multicultural teams to deliver step change and create sustainable value through a clear strategic approach, change management and strong execution Eva has longstanding experience in this field.​

Having graduated in international management from Bocconi university, her career started in strategy consulting enabling international businesses to thrive economically. By having obtained a higher education degree at HEC university in Sustainable Development she combined her passion for business and purpose.​

Eva joined the Kering Group, a global pioneer and leader in sustainability and innovation building the worldwide strategy to „craft tomorrow‘s luxury“ across all 20 brands. Eva is an advisor on the British Fashion Councils Positive Committee and a mentor to multiple young entrepreneurs.​

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

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