Developing and accelerating the conscious leaders our world needs now.  

Courageous collectives in service of the planet and people

These are historic times. The looming threats of climate change, political polarisation and social inequality are forcing us to confront our current ways of being. 

This inflection point is calling for empathetic and purpose-driven leaders, who are rethinking and reshaping our relationships to each other and our world. 

This cannot be done alone. 

What we do

IMAGINE is building a diverse community of leaders across industries and sectors who believe in business as a force for good. Those who see the need for new ways of conscious leading to galvanise a regenerative world. We provide the much-needed space to develop, connect and inspire the next generation of leaders and accelerate the solutions our systems are calling for. 

Tranformative Leadership

IMAGINE invests in leaders to develop the capabilities needed to shift systems.

Rooted in a marriage of arts, business, neuroscience and philosophy, IMAGINE develops the leaders needed today through a series of experiential and collaborative experiences. We provide the space, knowledge and networks for leaders to grow and scale their ideas.

Partnerships for Acceleration

Creatively connecting the right people to make magic happen

In convening incumbents from across value chains with disruptive innovators ready for scale, creative thinkers and leaders from civil society and government, we bring together leaders who share a common causeand create the space for them to build purposeful partnerships

Transformation Journeys

Creating the space for paradigm shifts for our leaders, collectives and systems

IMAGINE identifies systems where collaboration across sectors and industries have the potential for change and builds tailored transformation journeys for leaders in these spaces. In 2022, our focus is on the intersection of food, health and climate and we are convening two experiences in Oxford, UK.  In 2023, we will expand our offering, exploring new system intersections around the world.

Transformation Journeys 2022
Convening and developing conscious leaders to accelerate solutions at the nexus of Food, Health and Climate in July and September 2022.
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Fellow Travellers

Life is a journey and one that we are all on together. IMAGINE is curating a community of fellow travellers from across sectors, industries, walks of life and geographies who share a commitment to creating a sustainable and equitable world. Our CEO Circle and Mission Board select and support our leaders. 

CEO Circle

As co-founders of our community, this group of vanguard leaders share their experiences, knowledge, and networks to help unlock the leadership needed to transform systems.

Alumni CEO, Burberry
Alumni CEO & Co-Founder, Geomagic
Alumni CEO, Medtronic
Alumni U.S. Secretary of the Interior | CEO & President, REI
Alumni CEO, Best Buy
Alumni CEO, Engie
Alumni CEO, Vanguard
Alumni CEO, The Guardian Life Insurance
Alumni CEO, Unilever Co-Founder, IMAGINE
Alumni CEO, Seventh Generation Inc.
Alumni CEO, Whole Foods
Alumni CEO, IBM
Alumni CEO, DSM
Alumni CEO, The Container Store
Chair, Selfridges Group

Mission Board

Our Mission Board is on hand to provide advice, deep dive into challenges and help break through barriers.

Founder, Virgin Group
Author, Environmentalist, Founder and CEO of OMD
Former Chief Investment Officer, Japan Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF)
Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Musings