Systems Change in Action

Systems Change in Action

We are business leaders who believe...

Humanity and our planet are facing historic challenges. Yet governments and international institutions are struggling to tackle the climate crisis and widening inequality. Youth movements and civil society are mobilising, but cannot alone fix unfair and destructive systems. Business must now drive the transformative change we urgently need.

IMAGINE works with courageous CEOs to put their companies in service of the world and thrive as a result. Forget box-ticking CSR. We partner with the leaders who can transform their businesses and shift their industries for our shared existence, whether by curbing carbon emissions, protecting our natural resources or fighting poverty and discrimination. 

We help build net-positive companies, which succeed by giving more than they take and we help build industry-wide collectives to deliver change at speed and scale.

Changing the
system through

We help leaders put purpose at the heart of their strategies, creating stronger businesses by doing good.

We bring together CEOs from across the value chain to help transform their industries, so that they better serve people and planet. We currently support courageous collectives in fashion, food and finance.

We connect business leaders with a powerful global network of stakeholders, including governments, NGOs and international institutions, to together reform the wider systems in which business operates.

Courageous CEOs

IMAGINE helps make brave leaders even braver, working directly with CEOs and their teams to put purpose at the heart of their strategies. We support individual companies on their journey to become Net Positive, thriving by giving more than they take.

Courageous Collectives

IMAGINE supports unprecedented coalitions of leading CEOs to together take bold stands on hard issues, such as climate and human rights. We find the ‘pre-competitive’ space in which business leaders representing >25% of the value chain are motivated to work together, which in turn raises industry norms.

Mobilising the System

Even working together, however, top CEOs can’t change the world. We connect the companies we work with to a wider ecosystem of powerbrokers and decision makers, from policy-makers and experts to youth movements and international institutions. We work closely with leading governments as well as the United Nations, the World Economic Forum and other international bodies. We have strong ties to important NGOs, influential activists, international philanthropy networks and the global trade union movement.