Systems Change in Action


Lift the roof.
Raise the floor.
Redraw the boundaries.

Accelerating systems change across the value chains of

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Changing the system through

Conscious CEOs

IMAGINE helps make brave leaders even braver, working directly with CEOs and their teams. We support industry beacons and disruptors as they create growth and value by realising their part in the 2030 Global Goals.

Courageous Collectives

IMAGINE empowers new and unprecedented coalitions of leading CEOs to take bold stands on hard issues, such as climate and human rights. We find the pre-competitive space in which business leaders representing >25% of the value chain can drive tipping points, raise industry norms, de-risk political action and ultimately transform markets.

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Mobilising the System

Our ecosystem includes experts in systems transformation, leadership, strategy and innovation, human sciences, and sustainability, as well as in our key industries. We work closely with global institutions and international alliances, such as the UN, the COP and the  World Economic Forum, as well as individual governments in influential nations. We have strong ties to many NGOs, activists and the global trade union movement, as well as international philanthropy networks.

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