The CEO Circle


The Circle of Alumni CEOs

Transformation partners empowering courageous and conscious leaders is at their core.

Meet the Circle of Alumni CEOs

The CEO Circle encompasses a highly select group of former business leaders who have all walked the talk on purpose-driven conscious capitalism and now want to use their precious time, enormous experience, and unrivalled networks to accelerate the transformation of businesses, industries, and ultimately society.

CEOs are asking for help to unlock individual and collective courage. That is why we have pulled together the CEO Circle of ‘alumni CEOs’. Nothing is more powerful than having leading practitioners in the field helping others succeed over time. The CEO Circle’s strength is in the individuals that make up the Circle but also in its collective.

The Circle is not defined by what they are, but who they are.

Members of The CEO Circle are recognized as the stand-out leaders of the decade, not only for the way they have run their own firms but also for driving broader change.

As coaches and partners, they work closely with individual CEO’s to unlock the courageous leadership needed to reorient companies and transform wider systems.



We are business leaders who believe...

Humanity and our planet are facing historic challenges – and CEOs around the world recognize it. From the climate crisis to widening inequality, we read the news and in between the lines. Governments cannot reverse the trajectory in time. Youth movements and civil society are mobilizing but cannot change the system.

Business is either part of the solution or part of the problem.
Almost every CEO has their company engaging in CSR. Many are spread thin between well-meaning initiatives, associations, conferences. But the math doesn’t add up. Often as powerful as nation-states, corporations have an enormous responsibility to drive transformative change.

We need scale at speed.

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