Who are we




IMAGINE is co-founded by Paul Polman, Valerie Keller, Jeff Seabright and Kees Kruythoff who teamed up through the Unilever journey, the work of EY Beacon Institute, and a shared dream for business serving humanity. IMAGINE was set up in 2019 to galvanise industry leaders around the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Circle of Alumni CEOs

CEOs are asking for help to unlock individual and collective courage. That is why we have pulled together the CEO Circle of ‘alumni CEOs’.  Nothing is more powerful than having leading practitioners in the field helping others succeed over time. The CEO Circle encompasses a highly select group of former business leaders who have all walked the talk on purpose-driven conscious capitalism and now want to use their precious time, enormous experience, and unrivalled networks to accelerate the transformation of businesses, industries, and ultimately society. As coaches and partners, they work closely with individual CEO’s to unlock the courageous leadership needed to reorient companies and transform wider systems.

Mission Board

Human beings united by a mission to bring systems transformation.

The Tribe of Imagineers

Engagement Lead

Engagement Lead & Humans Systems Transformation

Engagement Manager

Experience Design Lead

Director of Strategic Engagements and Partnerships

Chief Operating Officer

Engagement Lead

Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant

Food Collective Executive Director

Food Collective Lead

Food Collective Program Manager

Food Collective Program Manager


If you believe in something
that started as an idea
whose time has come,
then you are We
And we are We.
Welcome to the movement.

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