CEO Circle – Sally Jewell

Sally Jewell

Former US Secretary of the Interior
Alumni CEO, REI

Sally has had a diverse and unusual career, beginning as an engineer in the oil and gas industry, spanning multiple roles in commercial banking, leading outdoor retailer REI, and serving in President Obama’s cabinet as U.S. Secretary of the Interior. Most recently, she served one year as interim CEO of The Nature Conservancy, a global environmental NGO engaged in creating a sustainable future for our planet.  ​​

Sally has been an active volunteer over the course of her life in environmental, educational, social service and business organizations that have shaped her journey and given her an appreciation of the inner workings of our democracy and civil society.  She completed a fellowship at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government in the fall of 2017, followed by a fellowship at the University of Washington College of the Environment where she worked across disciplines to help students and faculty understand how their diverse skills are essential to shaping a future that is both economically successful and environmentally sustainable. 

She serves on several corporate and non-profit boards and is committed to supporting political and societal change in support of a sustainable future for our shared planet.

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