IMAGINE Leaders – Anne Lamp

Anne Lamp

traceless materials GmbH, CEO & Co-Founder

I hold a Master of Science and a Ph.D. in Process Engineering from Hamburg University of Technology. I worked for 6 years at VERBIO AG as process engineer in biorefinery and at TUHH Institute of Environmental Technology as research scientist in biorefinery. In parallel, I have been active in the Cradle to Cradle NGO for 6 years as Founder of regional NGO groups and trainer. As a sustainability expert, I also voluntarily support various start-ups in life cycle assessments and Cradle to Cradle design of products.

Dedicating my scientific research to solving the global plastic pollution, I invented the traceless technology by following the Cradle to Cradle principles and founded the traceless materials GmbH in 2020.

I'm interested in a future Oxford Experience