IMAGINE Leaders – Bruno Oudart

Bruno Oudart

Seaboard Overseas and Trading Group, General Manager

I’m a Belgian, born in Africa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where I spent my childhood before returning to study engineering at the Université Libres de Bruxelles. Once my studies were completed, I returned to Africa fairly quickly and had the chance to work in several countries and in various sectors (Logistics with DHL, Medical Services with Intl.SOS, and now in agribusiness with Seaboard). I’m someone who likes to have and carry out projects…to progress… to take up challenges…but not a shark…I’m very respectful of others. I have a calm temperament…I can get angry but then reason myself out. My passions are…golf, fishing, photography, field hockey (I teach youngsters in Kinshasa), and water sports.

I'm interested in a future Oxford Experience