IMAGINE Leaders – Janaina Dallan

Janaina Dallan

Carbonext, CEO

As founder and CEO of Carbonext, a pioneering organization dedicated to advancing the crucial role of tropical forests in climate regulation biodiversity preservation and social economic development of the local communities, I’ve devoted my career to advocating for environmental sustainability with unwavering commitment to excellence, quality, and integrity.

Since founding Carbonext in 2010, our mission has been clear: to raise awareness about the vital significance of tropical forests in mitigating climate change by sequestering CO2 and safeguarding biodiversity. At Carbonext, we strive to deliver projects and carbon credits that not only achieve outstanding environmental outcomes but also foster positive social impacts.

In my capacity as CEO, I lead the charge in shaping our vision and strategy, with a focus on expanding our projects to amplify our global impact. My journey towards environmental advocacy began as a forestry engineer, complemented by an environmentally focused MBA. Since 2002, I have immersed myself in the study of climate change issues, laying the groundwork for a career dedicated to environmental stewardship. Early on, I contributed to pivotal studies for the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment, igniting my passion for addressing climate-related challenges.

Over the years, I’ve accumulated extensive experience in carbon markets, spearheading CDM and REDD+ projects across various sectors. My tenure at European firms honed my expertise in project development and management, further bolstering my commitment to sustainable practices. In 2010, fueled by a desire to champion nature-based solutions, I founded Carbonext, marking a pivotal moment in my journey. Since then, I’ve been actively engaged with global initiatives, serving on the Registration and Issuance Team at the UNFCCC and assuming leadership roles within influential organizations like the Brazil Alliance for Nature-Based Solutions.

In all endeavors, I remain steadfast in my belief that working with excellence, quality, and integrity is not just a choice but an imperative—one that defines our path towards a more sustainable and equitable world.

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