IMAGINE Leaders – Linda Keijzer

Linda Keijzer

Homefashion Group B.V., CEO

A daughter of an entrepreneurial family. Inherited the culture of my parents, the customer is King&Queen. I’m a passionate entrepreneurial leader. Strong in creating an inspiring vision of a corporate social responsible future. Highly capable of motivating and inspiring people to engage with this vision. In order to drive this vision with executional power I create omnichannel organisations in a sustainable world with customer centric focus. I held various board positions at Royal Ahold, AS Watson, ANWB, DA and Xenos. The last adventure Xenos adventure started in the summer of 2018 when the company really needed a turn-around. A new management team was hired and I really felt a strong responsibility to be able to sustain the jobs of its employees, while making the company healthy again. After 3 years of creating the culture and bringing the growth back to the company, fertile soil was built. In 2021 we felt we needed a new inspiring vision and direction for the coming 3 years. What could be next? What about integrating sustainability even more? Yet, how to do that as a retailer where you basically sell a lot of stuff, with a big impact on people and the planet? How, to make an easy change of products possible, while not adding further to more waste and pollution?The nature-positive journey of Xenos begun. Xenos is very committed to its new ambition of their nature positive journey. Meanwhile is the Xenos Management recognised for the journey so far and they have been rewarded as Retail Management Team of the Year 2022-2023.

I'm interested in a future Oxford Experience