Supporting CEOs from across their industry’s value chain to take the bold action that is only possible by working together.

What will we do together that we cannot do alone?

IMAGINE brings together CEOs who represent >25% of an industry to take collective steps on some of the world’s most difficult societal and environmental problems. Where courageous collectives lead, others follow, raising industry norms and giving governments the confidence that business will support ambitious reform.

IMAGINE uniquely brings together CEOs from across the value chain and connects them to a wider network of powerbrokers from across politics and civil society. This is systems change in action.

IMAGINE Food Collective

25 leading CEOs in food and agriculture working to help fix our broken food system

Individually these pioneering CEOs are pushing their companies to be more regenerative, equitable and healthier. We believe that together, and in partnership with governments and civil society, we can push the broader ag-food system from a source of planetary and human decline to a net positive industry, which thrives by giving more than it takes. 

The Fashion Pact

Brands uniting to stop global warming, restore biodiversity, and protect the oceans.

In 2019, we launched The Fashion Pact with President Macron. A previously unthinkable alliance commits 60+ signatories from the fashion industry to real action on climate, biodiversity and ocean plastics.

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