Supporting CEOs from across their industry’s value chain to take the bold action that is only possible by working together.

What will we do together that we cannot do alone?

IMAGINE has successfully established thriving foundations through uniquely convening key stakeholders including CEOs from across the value chain and powerbrokers from across politics and civil society. Where couregeous collectives lead, others follow, empowering sectors to take collective steps on some of the world’s most difficult societal and environmental problems.

The Food Collective

The Food Collective is an independent Foundation which convenes different stakeholders from across food and agriculture to drive dialogue, ambition and collective action over some of humanity’s biggest challenges, including climate change, food security, biodiversity, poor health outcomes and inequality. The Foundation was initially brought together by IMAGINE to convene industry collectives of key stakeholders from specific sectors, the policy world and civil society to accelerate progress towards more sustainable, equitable and nature-positive food-systems. 

The Fashion Pact

Brands uniting to stop global warming, restore biodiversity, and protect the oceans.

In 2019, we launched The Fashion Pact with President Macron. A previously unthinkable alliance commits 60+ signatories from the fashion industry to real action on climate, biodiversity and ocean plastics.

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