Our Humans

Our Humans

The Story

Sung into existence in 2019 at the MoMA by a collective of space transformers, IMAGINE was co-founded by Paul Polman and Valerie Keller with a belief in the positive potential of human beings to lead systemic change.

Following the successful convening of CEO communities in the Food Collective and Fashion Pact, IMAGINE expanded to accelerating transformational leadership and disruptive innovators committed to climate action and social equity.

When Jeff Seabright and Kees Kruythoff retired from Unilever, they joined the founding team, bringing passion and expertise to help build the advisory business and the Food Collective. 

Managing Board

Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & Chair Emeritus
Yan E. Yanovskiy
Head of Partnerships
Silvia Wiesner
Committee Chair for Global Memberships

Mission Board

The mission is spread with a community of purpose-driven friends who are all humanitarians in their own way, unified in a desire to develop and accelerate positive change in our global systems.

Author, Environmentalist, Founder and CEO of OMD
Founder, Virgin Group
Author, Co-Founder of The Huffington Post, Founder & CEO of Thrive Global
Founder and Chair, The Mo Ibrahim Foundation and Founder, Celtel International
Former Chief Investment Officer, Japan Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF)
Executive Director, Dalberg Group
Founder & President, Müller-Möhl Group
Award-winning Activist and Humanitarian
Vice Chairman, GITI Group
Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Musings

CEO Circle

As co-founders of our community, this group of vanguard leaders share their experiences, knowledge, and networks to help unlock the leadership needed to transform systems.

Alumni CEO, Burberry
Alumni CEO & Co-Founder, Geomagic
Alumni CEO, Medtronic
Former U.S. Secretary of the Interior
Alumni CEO & President, REI
Alumni CEO, Best Buy
Alumni CEO, Engie
Alumni CEO, Vanguard
Alumni CEO, The Guardian Life Insurance
Alumni CEO, Unilever
Co-Founder, IMAGINE
Author, Net Positive
Alumni CEO, Seventh Generation Inc.
Alumni CEO, Whole Foods
Alumni CEO, IBM
Alumni CEO, DSM
Alumni CEO, The Container Store
Chair, Selfridges Group

Our Team

Nadia Rozestraten
Events & Relations Manager
Nicholas Ekkel
Communications & Operations Manager
Clare Wills
Office Manager & Executive Assistant
Fatoumata Diallo
Project Manager
Rachel Sestini
Company Accountant
Allison Bryan
Finance Manager

Team Vacancies

This week on #AXSChat our guest is @paulpolman former CEO of Unilever cofounder of Imagine, Board Chair of @valuable500 and Co-author of “Net Positive” a book about how businesses can solve societal problems rather than being the cause of them. Join us Tuesday 8pm UK 3pm NYC https://t.co/NwVD3dCUNW
It is time to act. The campaign to reset the responsibilities & purpose of companies starts today, with a call for the #BetterBusinessAct to amend S172 of the Companies Act. Hundreds of businesses already support - will yours? https://t.co/zdclyXbUzW
Last week marked #EqualPayDay in the US, but closing the #genderpaygap should be a priority every day.

New analysis from @justcapital_ shows that only 21% of America's largest companies are disclosing that they’ve conducted a gender pay equity analysis. https://t.co/LQstm1vOBd
We love seeing ambition for environmental innovation grow, but it’s also urgent to recognize how much better we could leverage existing tech for the planet.

Don’t miss part 1 of the tech & innovation series: https://t.co/TR56NddXzp
"In our view, maximizing long-term value does not require aggressive tax behavior."

More from @dominifunds, @NorgesBank Investment Management and @PensionDanmark on why companies with responsible approaches to #tax are sounder investments. ⬇️ https://t.co/R00tUdPTmy
Powerful moment in Davos for transformational leaders across full food value chain.
Encouraging senior business leaders to join me in Oxford this April for food systems transformation. Nominate or apply: https://t.co/2VRFCXONqn
PaulPolman photo
Citi and BofA have provided more support to expansion in the fossil-fuel industry than any other members of the Net Zero Banking Alliance, new study reveals https://t.co/aGcbYurHxp via @business
Adding my name was a no brainer. You should add yours too. The UK’s biggest banks have put billions into the fossil fuel industry. Has to stop @BarclaysUK, @NatWest_Help @santanderuk @HSBC_UK @LloydsBank @MMMoneyMatter
https://t.co/hQNltJY9YJ https://t.co/DA94inJmGu
Make My Money Matter @MMMoneyMatter
Time for banks to stop financing fossil fuel expansion 🔥 help us make even more noise by adding your name! https://t.co/4nz39cpH1H https://t.co/XCBn0A8QEG
Banks are financing billions of stranded-asset, climate-wrecking fossil fuels. Criminal levels of greenwashing won’t tackle climate emergency but kicking fossil fuels out of finance industry will. British banks must get their house in order @MMMoneyMatter

What do they say - throwback Friday? Just surfaced from the Davos blizzard to share some behind the scene moments with our community. Always fun and energising to provide the space for us to connect. More to follow 😉 https://t.co/AcPzMVwd9c
Our inspiring @FitzGab sharing her experience as an IMAGINE Leader and the importance of the role of the convenor for collaborating for systems change during IMAGINE's events with @FortuneMagazine and @ftmoralmoney
@panoramateam https://t.co/PGbiiCkPAd
Valerie_Keller_ photo
Less that 25% of the official delegates at #wef23 are women, which is dismal. But thousands join in the broader #davos action - and change is being made. Here @HelleThorning_S @Valerie_Keller_ @gilliantett @SherrieWestin @FitzGab @Janngoafrica many more below. https://t.co/K3izDmqO4A https://t.co/aFXsiIEGx8
What an amazing space for a conversation on transformational leadership led by the formidable @vkveritas of @ImagineLeaders - thanks #FFDavos! #Davis #WEF23 https://t.co/UzO8odVNUe Valerie_Keller_ photo
What gives me hope in Davos: heavily oversubscribed IMAGINE & Fortune event—hundreds interested in transformational leadership for system change. Joining my co-host Alan Murray on stage to look the red thread of food -- World Food Program ED David Beasley and Agnes Kalibata, AGRA https://t.co/zSNlxBR4WT