Perch Ducote

Perch Ducote

Founding Team

Perch Ducote, a founding team member of IMAGINE, has worked as an international consultant and personal coach for thirty years in the field of personal development, communication, and leadership. He has designed and led workshops, seminars, and business interventions throughout the US, Europe, and India.

His passion is to bring out the passion in others. His main goal is to guide individuals and teams to build environments that create an experience of Accomplishment. His work provides the basic tools to cause transformations in thinking, relationship, and communication.

Perch’s experience includes consulting with both small businesses and large corporations including The United Nations, GTE, Merck, Xerox, Prudential, Eli Lilly, EY and IMAGINE. Within these companies he has worked with individuals on all levels from manufacturing and R&D, to managers, and executive boards.

He is certified in both Myers-Briggs and Neuro-linguistics Programming, (NLP). He is the former Executive Director of the New Orleans Peace Foundation, the author of “The Soul of Communication” and the Executive Producer of the documentary film Every 3 Seconds.

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