Who Are We – Yossi Goldsmith

Yossi Goldsmith


Yossi is the COO at IMAGINE, a global leadership community for impact. With over 18 years of experience, she is a dynamic and highly driven business strategist, excelling in achieving product-market fit, driving growth, and optimizing operational efficiency for startups and scale-ups across social impact and sustainability.

Yossi’s expertise in scaling businesses is evident in her success in orchestrating sales growth, securing large contracts, and implementing strategic initiatives. Her skills extend to change management, fundraising, and adept people management, reflecting a holistic approach to business development. As a consultative leader, Yossi focuses on business performance and operational excellence.

Holding an academic background in Sociology and Social Policy from the University of Bristol, Yossi’s intrinsic interest in understanding people and their interactions provides her with a unique perspective in navigating human dynamics within the business landscape.

Recognized for her strategic mindset and adaptability
to evolving market landscapes, Yossi stands as a trusted professional in the business strategy domain. Her commitment to innovation, combined with a deep understanding of human behaviour, distinguishes her as a visionary leader dedicated to shaping the future of businesses.

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