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The Food Collective

Our Statutory Goals

Statutory Name: Stichting Imagine Foundation

Rsin Number: RSIN 863090333

Statutory Goals

The purpose of the Foundation is to:

  • Accelerate transformational change on, including but not limited to, the fields of food and agriculture;
  • Bring business leaders together to create systems-level change through collective action;
  • Collaborate cross-sectoral on key material issues on, including but not limited to, the fields of food and agriculture;
  • Allow governments, philanthropy, civil society and businesses to pool resources efficiently to drive public benefit;
  • And to do anything which is, in the widest sense of the word, connected with or may be conducive to the attainment of these objects.

The Foundation shall seek to attain these objects by, amongst other things:

  • Securing resources for the activities necessary to accomplish the objects; and
  • Applying for funding and other fundraising activities.

The Foundation is with its activities a non-profit organization.


Board Members
  • Paul Polman (chairman)
  • Jacob van der Goot
  • Erik Geerling (secretary)


Financial Affairs
  • Rudolf Maas Geesteranus



The board members do not receive any remuneration or compensation for their board membership.


How We Raise Money

Stichting Imagine Foundation receives donations from companies within the ag-food value chain and from other foundations.


How We Use the Funds

The Food Collective is a group of purpose driven and action oriented CEOs from across the ag-food value chain, from ag-input providers to retailers asking what they will do together they cannot do alone to accelerate the transition of the food system towards a nature positive and equitable one. It holds space for courageous conversations amongst peers, and across the private, public, and activist space. It drives action in landscapes to create positive tipping points by bringing together the right constellation of partners focused on market transformation to shift the underlying economics, inequities and nature negative sides of our global food system. 

The Food Collective seeks to take conversations that typically exist in industry silos and bring them across the value chain. It creates a space for leaders in the private sector to be open, vulnerable, and connect with and learn from their peers. It sits at the intersection of many different platforms and initiatives, using a collaborative approach to complement and accelerate the multitude of efforts, and avoid duplication. 


How We Manage Governance

The Food Collective works in service of the CEOs and they are therefore the ones that set the high level direction and the focus of the Food Collective. The guidance from the CEO is received through quarterly meetings. The Food Collective is chaired by our Co-Chairs Geraldine Matchette (co-CEO DSM) and Paul Polman. A sub group of the CEOs, the Steering Committee, are mandated to monitor and follow up on more operational issues like new member engagement, financial health and ongoing initiatives as well as the strategy of the collective. The Steer-Co meets 4 times per year. As per the Articles of Association the Food Collective also has a foundation board consisting of three non-executive directors. We propose that the board meet twice a year to review strategy, activities and financials. 


Contact Details

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: Tolstraat 201, 1074 VJ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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