IMAGINE Leaders – Alexander Buschermoehle

Alexander Buschermoehle

Bayer, Chief of Staff

20 years ago I have discovered the world of agriculture and never left it. I had the opportunity to live in 5 countries, learn 3 new languages and lead teams serving farmers with critical inputs for their production. In several global Marketing and Strategy roles I developed a wide purview about diverse farmers’ needs across the world. Since 3 years I am deeply involved with the digital transformation or agriculture, today shaping the strategy for the leading investor&inventor in this space, helping farmers achieve more with less. I am driven by the unique opportunity to fundamentally change and improve how one of the most important industries on this planet operates. As a Learner, I thrive on solving complex questions and constantly re-inventing what we are doing. As a Doer I remain fully focused on creating tangible impact and be anchored in the reality of farmers’ challenges.

I'm interested in a future Oxford Experience