IMAGINE Leaders – Alexandra Lunt

Alexandra Lunt

Armonia LLC, Principal

Alex Lunt is a Principal at Armonia, where she helps manage a portfolio of private investments, projects and initiatives centered around regenerative food and agriculture to restore the health of the food system. Since joining the firm, she has focused on Armonia’s regional work to coordinate andfacilitate collaborative efforts to identify and solve for the gaps in the regenerative food supply chain. She currently serves on the boards of Gaia Herbs (an herbal supplement company with its farm and manufacturing in Brevard, NC), Hawthorne Foods (an organic and local fermentation company rooted in Hudson, NY), Cooks Venture (a poultry company with a proprietary line of grow-growth genetics based in Decatur, Arkansas), and Walden Mutual Bank (the first mutual bank to receive a charter in one hundred years, with a focus on serving sustainable farm and food businesses in the Northeast, operating out of Concord, NH). She lives in Hudson, NY surrounded by incredible food and farm businesses that celebrate the health of the land, animal ecosystem, products and community.

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