IMAGINE Leaders – Bruno Olierhoek

Bruno Olierhoek

Ubuntu Advisory & Consultancy, Founder & CEO

Bruno Olierhoek is a seasoned business leader and visionary entrepreneur dedicated to catalysing positive change in the corporate landscape. With 28 years of diverse international experience across continents, Bruno has honed a unique perspective on holistic business transformation. As the founder of Ubuntu Consultancy and Advisory, based in Dubai, UAE, Bruno embodies his belief in business as a force for good. His innovative approach integrates Digital, Sustainability, Circularity, and ESG principles to drive both financial success and societal impact. Bruno’s passion for conscious leadership shines through in his commitment to guiding leadership teams towards a more sustainable and purpose-driven future. Through his new leadership role in Seaboard and his upcoming book, Bruno is aiming to reshape the narrative of business, empowering organisations to thrive while making a meaningful difference in the world.

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