IMAGINE Leaders – Carolina Müller-Möhl

Carolina Müller-Möhl

Müller-Möhl Group, President

Carolina loves what she does and does it day and night. Her professional and private lives merge. After all we are one women, one life, one soul. She loves jazz, elephants and the people. She is a passionate advocate of gender equality, education and entrepreneurship. Since the world is a better one when wo-men are equal and well educated and when entrepreneurs stand for personal responsibility and commitment. That’s why she holds numerous mandates in various thematic areas (Gender Equality, Education, Economic Development, Business): among others she is on the Foundation Board of the think tank Avenir Suisse (since 2011). In her current mandates she benefits from her experience of her numerous previous mandates, such as her membership in the Board of Directors of Nestlé S.A. (2004-2012); Orascom Development Holding AG (2008-2022); NZZ Media Group (2010-2022) and others.

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