IMAGINE Leaders – Christina Bauer-Plank

Christina Bauer-Plank​

Hellmann’s at Unilever, Global Brand Vice President

I’m a global brand and business leader with 25+ years of international experience in the FMCG industry. Right now, I am leading Hellmann’s, one of Unilever’s biggest food brands found in millions of homes across the world. 26 years ago, my PhD in Chemistry took me into R&D at Unilever, an MBA then into marketing. I served in multiple roles across Unilever’s Foods business and now bring my expertise to building purposeful brands and the science and communication of sustainability. Raised on an Austrian farm, I have a personal connection to the fragility of the food system and the need to transform it. As foodie by passion and profession, I believe that food is too precious to waste, so I lead for action against food waste.

I'm interested in a future Oxford Experience