IMAGINE Leaders – Daniel Baeta

Daniel Baeta

Luxor Agro, CEO

I am a 33 year old Brazilian, married to my love, Bela, passionate about regenerative agriculture and addicted to sports. My journey into the world of agriculture began seven years ago when I joined Luxor Agro with the mission of reimagining their large-scale conventional livestock production.

As we delved deeper into the future of agriculture, the immense potential of regenerative practices became evident. Recognizing the opportunity to create a more resilient and profitable operation while nurturing ecosystems, I dedicated myself to studying and implementing it on Luxor’s farms. Along the way, I made numerous mistakes and developed a profound passion for the challenge at hand.

Simultaneously, we transformed the family farms into a thriving business, attracting more investors and elevating our governance standards. Two years ago, I assumed the role of CEO, focused on establishing a robust business system that integrates regenerative practices into our operations. This system will enable us to attract more investors and manage a larger portfolio of operations. I am fully committed to continuously improving my business skills to drive the realization of our vision.

I'm interested in a future Oxford Experience