IMAGINE Leaders – Indira Moudi

Indira Moudi

Viandes Lafrance (Louis Lafrance et Fils Ltée), CEO

Indira is a visionary business executive with experience spanning multinational, international, regional, and local businesses in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North-America. She is currently the CEO of Viandes Lafrance, a meat industry, based in Quebec (Canada), demonstrating to the world how Responsible Meat should be produced worldwide. Prior to acquiring and scaling Viandes Lafrance (2012), Indira spent two decades at the highest levels of the business world as Vice-President in Europe (27 countries) and Managing Director, Central-Africa (8 countries) at Baker-Hughes, a GE company, steering the business towards fivefold growth. Prior Baker-Hughes, she served as Head of Quality, Health, Security, Safety and Social Action at Orano (Sustainable energy). Indira is an industrial engineer who began her career at Schlumberger where she rose from Field Engineer to become Vice President of Worldwide Training for a major plant in India and Managing Director of Mauritania, Morocco, and Senegal. She carries along a unique diversity that brings another dimension to the sustainable solutions the world is today wanting. She is positively positioning herself as a global leader for sustainable food and energy to the benefit of future generations. Indira is a certified Global Leader, Harvard Business School, with Bill George.

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