IMAGINE Leaders – Josh Silverman

Josh Silverman

Windfall Bio, Inc, CEO & Founder

Josh Silverman, PhD. is the CEO and Founder of Windfall Bio, a nature-based technology company that transforms harmful methane into valuable, organic soil nutrients. He has over 20 years of successful entrepreneurial experience in biotech research, innovation and commercialization and is a leading authority on methane transformation technologies. He serves as an advisor for a number of climate focused biotech companies, and was formerly the CEO for Aromyx, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Calysta, Inc. and Vice President of Drug Development at Amunix, Inc. Collectively, his companies (also including Avidia, Versartis, Diartis, Siluria) have raised more than $300m in equity financing, resulting in $1.7b cumulative exit value to date. He’s helped bring three

novel biopharmaceuticals from early phase research into clinical trials, with experience in both regulatory filings and drug manufacturing. He’s a frequent speaker at climate and biotech conferences and is credited with more than 10 scientific publications and over 90 approved and pending patents. He has a BSc. in Molecular Biology from UC San Diego and a PhD. in Biochemistry from Stanford University.

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