IMAGINE Leaders – María Giraudo

María Giraudo

Aapresid, Honorary President and Red Mujeres, Co-Founder

I am an Agronomist, farmer and consultant. Member of a group of people who decided to stop a paradigm of deterioration, choosing a paradigm of recovery, regeneration, conservation and continuous improvement. We have 30+ years of experience and real results in NoTill farming systems in Argentina and other countries. We are involved in the basic needs of humanity, committed to producing more with less, in quantity and quality for better nutrition, based on science and the convergence of knowledge, with efficient water management, reducing emissions by using less fossil fuel and more carbon sequestration for healthy soils, promoting renewable energy, biodiversity and resilient productive systems to climate change.

Nature is our guide to follow a ‘care model’, under a holistic approach, while science and technologies promote the bioeconomy to transform the biomass produced not only into food for people and animals, but also into bioenergy, biopharmaceuticals, biomaterials for construction, packaging, health solutions,

We are part of the solution to the great global dilemmas, we know that collaborative intelligence and the development of strong interdisciplinary networks to achieve local, regional and global objectives for the Common Good is the way.

Rural women are 25%+ of the world population and youth has congenital digital and technological skills to accelerate these opportunities

I am committed to this business, consulting, investing, participating institutionally and putting my voice worldwide with these convictions. Sustainability presents an economic and productive, environmental and social challenge simultaneously.

I'm interested in a future Oxford Experience