IMAGINE Leaders – Nicola Gryczka

Nicola Gryczka

Social Gastronomy Movement, Co-Founder

As a co-founder of the Social Gastronomy Movement (SGM) I am currently orchestrating this amazing global network of change makers who use the power of food as a tool for social change in their local communities. We are unlocking our collective capacity to change the food systems, so I am really excited about what’s to come!

My passion lies at the crossroads of grass root activism and policy making towards systems change, especially in fields of food, agriculture and education, at the intersection with technology and innovation. Since 2016 I have started to work with innovative solutions to stop the vicious circle of food waste, such as a food surplus product line, online educational content for underprivileged communities and tech solutions to scale impact globally, involving the powerful convening power of chefs, which has all led me to co-create the movement.

Most of my career was in the development world, continuously focusing on solutions through a multi-stakeholder approach. I was able to cross pollinate many sectors on my journey, which I believe gave me the capacity to think systemically and connect the dots quickly. Now I am also actively coaching and supporting young women and social entrepreneurs to give back some of the gifts I have received on my path.

I'm interested in a future Oxford Experience