IMAGINE Leaders – Rikke Kyllenstjerna

Rikke Kyllenstjerna

Yara International ASA, SVP Food Chain and Global Key Accounts

At an early age my mission was to save the world, with determination I started law school, because lawyers fight for justice, right? Well, I found law school to be surprisingly boring, jumped the ship and finished my master’s in business economics instead.The first part of my career I spent in food companies within marketing, sales, and innovation. Key learning is that external deadlines give incredible speed in innovation. The next stop was a conscious decision to start from scratch in a new industry. Logistic and eCommerce would be my work-home for the next 10 years. Oh lord what a journey to build a “home delivery” setup from scratch. Key learning (in between blood, toil, tears and sweat) a truly motivate, and enthusiastic team can move mountains. Is it possible to succeed in my third industry? In Yara I am reconnecting with my roots and dedicate full time to save the world. We are creating business models to decarbonize the (food) value chain. I believe in collaboration, daring to challenge and most of all to have fun every day! If you want to look for me outside work, check a music festival, skiing or in a bar with friends.

I'm interested in a future Oxford Experience