IMAGINE Leaders – Tim Tensen

Tim Tensen

Terra Genesis, COO

In my capacity as Chief Operations Officer with Terra Genesis I lead efforts to develop the capacity of food, fashion, and cosmetics brands in addition to farmers and indigenous communities around the globe to create regenerative supply systems. As President and Founder of VeriFi and a partner at Smallholder Data Services, I am working to redefine the economics of data to be in service to life in a way that addresses the underlying drivers of climate change. As founding board member of Collaborative Earth I am supporting the formation of interdisciplinary labs that usher science out into the open, fostering collaboration between frontline communities, scientists, technologists, and business leaders.

As a founding board member of the Regenerative Apiculture Working Group, I am leading US efforts to realign the honey and beekeeping industry to support the wider health of pollinator ecologies and beekeeper livelihoods.

I'm interested in a future Oxford Experience