IMAGINE Leaders – Tom Fels

Tom Fels

Animarem, Founder

I passionately believe in the good of humanity and I want to ensure that my children inherit an abundant earth and grow in a just society. As a white man born in Apartheid South Africa, I aspire to inspire and create positive change through my relative privilege, transforming the country in small, and big ways.

I believe that business is our best chance at a brighter future and so I work to support organisations evolve their strategies to pursue a new vision of success, and to inspire leaders toward their greatest potential. Having been a young CEO in the creative and hospitality industries, I describe my work now as the alchemy of business as goodness. Entrepreneurially, I traverse disciplines that include movement building with B Corp and the Wellbeing Economy Alliance, consulting through my startup Animarem to enhance the scale and impact of conscious companies, activating ‘hope’ through Nation Building campaigning during Covid-19, hosting experiential wilderness leadership immersions to unlock potential, and engage constant efforts to engage systems change through speaking, writing and training.

My itch? That it’s not enough, that I’ve got so much more to give and that my next chapter is only now unfolding.

I'm interested in a future Oxford Experience