IMAGINE Leaders – Wassili Bertoen

Wassili Bertoen

Deloitte, Equity Partner, Leading Deloitte Center for the Edge EMEA​

I am husband of Roos and father of 3 lovely sons with a social heart living in Maarn, The Netherlands. I studied Organization Psychology who wanted to understand business and therefor started at Deloitte Consulting (Strategy & Finance). Got bored after 7 years and wrote an ambitious business plan to start Deloitte Innovation BV which was approved by our CEO by then. This has been one of the differentiators for Deloitte to give our people the confidence to uplift our market position. I Brought in 2013 The Center for the Edge from Silicon Valley to Europe because I wanted to make more transformational impact. Since then I focus on starting transformation for our clients and ourselves. Focusing on CEO’s because without their courage and conviction nothing transformational happens. With CEO dialogues, forward looking strategies and initiating Ecosystems as the main pillars of activities. Last year we have started the Net Positive Network with Dining to Net Positive with the whole Dutch Food system(CEO’s, experts and innovative partners). Inspired by Paul’s book of course and with the ambition to grow this movement to other sectors and other geo’s.

I'm interested in a future Oxford Experience