Who Are We – Pablo Barrera

Pablo Barrera

Executive Director, IMAGINE Food Collective

A passionate multicultural young business leader, Pablo Barrera is determined to transform how large companies act as corporate citizens. Barrera promotes sustainability as an untapped potential rather than a threat and establishes collaborative efforts with other companies to solve some of the key challenges the world faces. Barrera explores new ways to feed a growing population in a more sustainable way and he is seconded from Yara, one of the world’s largest crop nutrition companies. He previously held positions as the Executive Vice President of Supply Chain, Procurement, Corporate Communications and Corporate Affairs. Through many years of volunteer work, Barrera has focused on establishing arenas where teenagers and young adults can nurture their talents and develop into responsible forces for good in their societies, regardless of their background. He is currently a non-executive member of the board of the Norwegian Opera and Ballet.    

“Food and agriculture is at the center of the global sustainability agenda, and systemic change is needed if we are going to meet the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030."

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