Developing and accelerating the transformational leadership our world needs now.

If not us, who? If not now, when?

These are historic times. As the world focuses on a green recovery post COVID-19, we are witnessing the biggest war in Europe since 1945. Reverberations across the energy system are already being seen and the food system is bracing itself for significant shocks.This inflection point is calling forth empathetic and purpose-driven leaders, who are rethinking and reshaping our relationships to each other and our world.  

IMAGINE provides the space for human development, a community to grow with and the transformational tools to accelerate the much-needed solutions at scale. 

Courageous Collectives

We convene, develop and accelerate transformational leaders

We are building a diverse community of leaders across industries and sectors who are holding an inquiry into what is possible for a human life today…and the world we share. IMAGINE provides the space, tools and opportunities to develop in a community you can count on throughout your life-journey. 

Purposeful Partnerships

Connecting the right people to make magic happen

In convening incumbents from across value chains with disruptive innovators ready for scale, creative thinkers and leaders from civil society and government, we bring together leaders who share a common cause and help them to build partnerships

Leadership Development

We invest in leaders to develop the capabilities needed to shift systems.

Rooted in a marriage of arts, business, neuroscience and philosophy, IMAGINE develops the leaders needed today through a series of experiential and collaborative experiences. We provide the space, knowledge and networks for leaders to grow and scale their ideas.

Transformation Journeys

We create the space for paradigm shifts. 

IMAGINE identifies systems where collaboration across sectors and industries have the potential for change and builds tailored transformation journeys for leaders in these spaces. Spring and Autumn 2023 applications are now open. 

Our CEO Circle and Mission Board curate and support our leaders.

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